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    Protect Your HVAC Investment with Our Maintenance Plan

    The best way to avoid expensive repairs and to make sure your HVAC remains efficient is to schedule routine maintenance with a licensed professional. Our NATE-certified technicians have years of experience in HVAC and can thoroughly assess your unit. When you sign up for our Allcare Maintenance Plan, you will receive HVAC maintenance in the spring to prepare for heavy summer usage and in the fall to prepare for heavy winter usage.

    Major Benefits of Biannual Maintenance Include:

    • Longer Lifespan – Your HVAC will last longer if you take good care of it.
    • Energy Efficiency – By ensuring that your unit is working correctly, you will prevent it from draining excessive electricity. This is better for the environment and for your pocketbook. An energy-efficient unit will cost you less on monthly utility bills.
    • Less Repairs – When a technician performs a tune-up on your HVAC, he can fix any potential problems before they ever arise. This can help you avoid expensive repairs from excessive strain on your unit.
    • Warranty Protection – Some HVAC manufacturers will void the warranty for your unit without maintenance at least once annually. By signing up for a Maintenance Plan, you are further protecting your investment.

    Maintenance Plan Member Benefits

    In addition to spring and fall maintenance, customers with an Allcare maintenance plan will receive exclusive benefits and special offers. Want to skip straight to the front of the line for service or save money on an installation? You got it! Additional benefits to a Maintenance Plan include:

    • Priority Service
    • Discounts on Repairs
    • Discounts on Products
    • Unadvertised Specials
    • No Service Charges
    • No Dispatch Fees
    • No Extra Charge After Hours
    • Guaranteed Appointments within 24 Hours
    • Red Carpet Treatment

    Do you need to schedule maintenance for your HVAC? Consider a Maintenance Plan with bonus benefits! Call 732-961-6684 to learn more.